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tokoz in baka_cosplay

Offer, Consideration, Acceptance

(we'll ignore that "meeting of the minds" thing... so pesky!)


It wouldn't be Kyubey without a contract, right? Actually, that's part of the reason I like the character so much. He's basically an anthropomorphic contract, and makes my law-trained self giggle whenever I see him.

So, I looked for premade kyubey contracts, but the ones I found disappointed me. They were all too silly for my legal self, too sparse (one was just the word "Contract?" on a piece of posterboard people could sign), or more of an employment application than an actual contract. I really wanted something horribly legalistic like the really bad releases I used to read.

I couldn't find it, so I made one

[EDIT] I made a better one

Still not sure about all the formatting. I'd really like all the fine print to be on the back, but I think I have it down to 9pt font already, and any smaller is just silly. I also need to edit it slightly and figure out how to make the break between the contract and the appendix look more professional.

Print out about 50 of those, and have them on a clipboard on one side of my trench. Trying to decide if i should do clear pockets (i picked up some clearance clear vinyl just in case), or go with the less-potentially-problematic canvas.

On the other side of the coat, there is resin. So much resin. argh.

Soul gem.

master and first cast. that's like nearly 2oz of resin!

I found some wooden eggs at hobby lobby, then made a "master" gem out of craft foam, paperclay, and clearance puff paint. Much detail sanding. 3 coats of gloss varnish. Probably one of the biggest silicone molds I've ever made. it took a couple weeks because I had to do it in pieces and I used up at least 2/3 of a jar of material. I also made molds of the eggs by them selves, with the idea that I could save money and sanding time by working on those separately, and then somehow hollow cast the other bits on to them.

[why do I not have pictures of these? geez.]

Into the half the eggs I was going to put LEDs, because why make something easy when I can make it light up? THe lights need to stay near the bottom of the egg, though, so they're not visible, and so that I have enough of their little metal legs free to attach into my circuit.

Which is how (after much messy experimentation) I ended up at this configuration.

That's an LED (10mm diffuse) rubberbanded to a mixstick, held upright by extra mixing cups.

So, that mold there is pretty much horrible for slush casting, and my initial attempts were awful failures. I also learned that older resin takes TONS more time to cure, AND gets much more particular about the 1:1 ratio. I had some pretty spectacular botches here, too.

Like that pink one in the middle. that was after 3 or 4 days of curing. DAYS.

I did some internet research -- most helpfully finding this blog post</a> and this one, which led me to decide that the clear resin I was using (which is epoxy resin) was not the right sort for slush casting, and also that I needed a filler to make it stick properly to the walls of the mold.

Tracking down polyester resin in big-box hobby stores is not easy (especially when you can't really get out to visit them until after 8pm grumble!), but it turns out to be slightly less expensive than the epoxy kind. It also has a cure time in minutes instead of days AND goes through this awesome "green" phase where its shape is set, but it's also still highly flexible and super easy to cut. it's great! (unlike epoxy resin, which just is easily dentable and prone to failing due to gravity before it reaches final hardness).

My filler was baby powder, because baby powder == talc + fragrance.

I think I might now have one of every kind of resin available at hobby lobby AND Michaels. sigh.

making polyester resin gooey enough to stick to round forms upside down takes a LOT of babypowder. If I didn't hate that smell before... blech.

So that worked better, but as you can see, even on the good casts, there's a lot of cleanup, and i'ts going to be hella hard to get the flashings off that I missed during the green phase. (i just ran a dull xacto around the green ones and htey peeled right off).

But my little eggs still needed a base. I kind of wimped out there, as I just put some modeling clay around my saltshaker and cast that. It... didn't work out so well. the saltshaker has a top and a bottom and I neglected to account for this. I managed to get it working, but, wow, so much mess.

Had to cut it in half to get the darn form out...

Coffee stirrer sticks make great channels for LED leg-things though.

Yes, it's not quite the right shape, but it's good enough. but again, so much clean up to do here, too! ;_;

(also, it too me forever to realize I didn't need to make the feet transparent, too. argh!)

using up extra resin. whee.

So, now I have to make about 4 to 6 nonlightup ones, do the 6 or so light-up eggs, and potentially remake all my molds again in between somewhere. THEN i can can start sanding and sanding and painting and sanding. ugh. and THEN the sewing them into my jacket. double ugh.