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tokoz in baka_cosplay

The best part

All the paint.

And posting instead of working.

armor with a layer of base and first transparent layer.

I had to go buy more diozanene purple, but then it was off to the races. I "splurged" on some iridescent medium, and it's been fabulous. So much easier than mixing pearlescent white into everything. The big lumpy blue-tinted purple thing in the middle is the old knee armor.

size comparison. new stuff is smaller all around!

With second transparant layer and shading, and without. akutenshi7 helped me with the violently pink (alizerine crimson, the pthalo of reds) base coats -- see, it all worked out!

how it's supposed to look together. I'm going to have to do somethign to prevent hte pieces from touching eachother and rubbing their paint off when I wear them.

Old, crappy crown on top (I'd commissioned from a then-friend. right after this she stopped talking to me -- and pretty much everyone else), my remake on bottom. Dimensionality!


top part of leg armor. I'm not going to bother with the top boot part. I couldn't get it to work last time, and I have no better ideas this time.At least I found the black thigh-highs I used last time.

The arm parts, painted with a milky base coat, then multiple layers of iridescent white and topped with raw iridescent medium and satin water-based poly. Drilled holes and just glued the grommets in. THen I had to paint them, because white grommets do not exist in my home town. ANYWHERE. I checked. (7 stores!)

Now I'm just playing around. ;)

Still left --
  1. stub wig
  2. make sure bun fits over stub
  3. find extra feathers, assess
  4. fix up double feathers
  5. remove earmuff from bad wig
  6. steam earmuff feathers (hope they don't disintegrate)
  7. re-gather back of overskirt
  8. drill lacing holes on leg and arm armor
  9. protective coat armor
  10. glue elastic/velcro to armor
  11. other stuff i'm probably forgetting
  12. pack
  13. make new balloon menu


Everything's looking fantastic!
completely random but....are those plastic cups? :)
are what plastic cups? my water cup? it's hard plastic, the was-once-a-reusable-drinking-cup kind. The plate I use for my mixing palette is also hard, reusable, dishwasher plastic (like barbecue plates, but dishwasherable). The armor itself is paper mache. The old armor is funfoam with fabric, clay, and lots of gesso.
ahhhh paper mache. I thought for a bit that they were cut up sides of plastic cups.