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May. 8th, 2014

dragon glare


Cosplay Emergency Kit v3.0

At a garage sale in my neighborhood today, I spotted this:


a vintage '80s/'90s -era Caboodle box. And it occurred to me that it would make a good small Cosplay box. I mean, it no this guy , but still, I think it has the basics.

First of all, it comes with a built-in mirror (which I feel like I should wrap in something, seriously):


Then it has this pull-out top layer, into which I've put:


  1. Bandaids
  2. Travel neosporin
  3. Notebook and pen
  4. kleenex
  5. First-aid box with alcohol wipes and an assortment of common drugs (antihistamines, etc)
  6. travel-size E-6000 and other glue bottles
  7. travel-size superglue
  8. black sharpie
  9. mini sewing kit
  10. package of hand-sewing needles
  11. seam-ripper

The right side lifts out, and there's room for some more small things:


  1. tampons
  2. sew-on snaps in various sizes
  3. sew-in velcro
  4. bleach pens

Then that whole thing lifts out, and there's the deeper bottom area, for bigger things, lifted from my Major Cosplay Emergency Kit:


  1. box of bobby pins, and doll (wig) brush
  2. box of cord elastic, shoelaces (ties), waistband elastic, toupee clips and wig nets
  3. box of hair ties, rubberbands, and barrettes
  4. box of safety pins, clear nail polish, electrical tape
  5. box of extra aspirin and tylenol, more super glue, tiger balm
  6. straight pins
  7. paper clips
  8. hairbrush
  9. scissors
  10. tums
  11. deodorant
  12. hairspray
  13. hotglue sticks

I still can't fit ducttape in there, and the mini glue gun took up too much room. I also don't have the double-sided tape, extra thread, shoe inserts/heel- and arch-protectors, spare change or wig caps in there, either. :/

But at least it's smaller than the Major Kit.

Is there anything else I should try to squeeze into this one?

Apr. 15th, 2014



Newest brain-fart...


....I feel I must make this for costume con 2016. any suggestions on manufacturing would be so helpful!

Feb. 9th, 2014



Sisterhood of Karn - Progress Report #2

After my virtuously "early" start several weeks ago, I completely tossed this to the side while I made a gift for my aunt and started working on my makeshift closet voiceover booth. =P But now the con is six days away, which means it's time to get serious. (I NEVER CHANGE, GUYS. Except that I did start and actually finish a handmade gift for someone. I think that's progress.)

All of this has been painstakingly pinned into place in preparation for the marathon of hand-sewing (and some gluing) that is going to take place tomorrow.

Tabard back

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I also made most of the robe and oversleeves tonight, but they're not much to look at yet.

Hand-sewing awaaaaaaaaay!

Jan. 18th, 2014



Sisterhood of Karn - Progress Report #1

I'm really trying to use fabrics I already have. Considering I have no less than nine kinds of red fabric left over from various projects (and that's not even counting fabrics like Hikaru's, which have patterns), it didn't seem that hard to manage. I have a smooth silk blend for the over-sleeves, a crisper satin fabric which (layered with padding and interfacing) will work for the tabard, and a nubbly silk as well as a gold I've had forever to use for the headdress. I do need to find a light cotton for the robe. And, it turns out, I need to find a little more of the satin for the tabard, or pick something else. (It looks leatherish, but I'm not using leather.) Can't remember exactly where I got it, but I hope it was at Jo-Ann, since I'm planning a stop there tomorrow.

So this evening was about the headdress.Collapse )

I did buy a few things yesterday in the Garment District, and these are them:

Karn - Spoils of the Garment District

I actually sat down two days ago and went through every fuzzy photo and screenshot of these ladies, and made a sketch laying out how the peculiar designs on the tabard and headdress would work. There's still going to be some improvisation involved, but I wanted a plan in place before I started. Now I've got gold cord and all sorts of fun doohickeys to play around with. ^_^ Some of the items in the tray were in packets together, a few of them I don't intend to use, and some of them need paint, but I expect most of them will be used.

I do love a costume that lets me go digging around in the "What would anyone ever use this for?" bins. ^~

Jan. 13th, 2014



Sisterhood of Karn

Gallifrey One is one month away. I know, I know, it seems awfully early to start, but there's going to be a lot of hand-sewing, so I want to make sure I have plenty of time. =P

Sisters of Karn

Sacred fire, sacred flame, sacred fire, sacred flame...Collapse )

Jan. 6th, 2014

Snakes on a plane to hogwarts



I propose this for our new "3AM cosplay ragequit" themesong:


So, just to verify, we are reprising our Odinsphere costumes this year, yes?

Nov. 26th, 2013

Rao's two friends


Kaguya followup

Don't mind me, just cross-posting my summer followups from back in August to Kaguya and the Monstrosity (that sounds like a really good band name).

Pics and stuff you've already read ahoy!Collapse )
These are new, but I think you've seen them before anywayCollapse )

This semester has been so rough I haven't even started on anything related to this year's costumes... And there's so much I want to do... but! Hopefully I'll have all the time I need (yeah, right) when I'm done and gradumatated.

Jul. 8th, 2013



Con pictures!

So on Kaylee day my little bean was tired and crabby, so I don't have much in the way of good photos. But here's what I have!!

Con pics!!Collapse )
dragon glare


Seanan McGuire on Costumes at Conventions

Once again, seanan_mcguire with the awesome essays of awesome.

Costumes are not consent. What does that mean for you?Collapse )

May. 19th, 2013



Littlest Kaylee

So I'm doing a Kaylee costume for my little Beanbean. I drafted a pattern yesterday, mocked it up today, and got it cut and ready to go.

PicturesCollapse )

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