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tokoz in baka_cosplay

Not a squirrel, darnit


It was the same general procedure for the tail -- paper pattern, cutout foam -- but with 4-inch foam instead of 1-inch.

I had to scavenge half a piece from the foam I'd been using in ceramics and glue it to the top. foam glue is weird.

cut out with my steak knife, I think.

Shaped with scissors. Foam EVERYWHERE. surprised the cat didn't eat any (but he's wonderful like that).

Then I decided that it was too heavy and needed some ventilation to lighten the weight.

which needed to be covered up with the leftovers from the other things. The law books are for weighing everything down while the glue cures. They really are the best weights I have...

and THEN i decided that the thing was too flat and needed to be covered with more foam on the sides to make it 3D. Of course, by this point I was out of good foam and almost out of scraps, but there was no way I was going to buy any MORE foam (it's too expensive!). I cut the remaining 4-inch scraps in half and used those. SO much trimming. so much foam glitter (flitter? gloam?), argh.



Apparently you can also sand this stuff? But I'm really unsure about that, despite what all teh furstuit how-tos say, so I declared that good enough. By this point, while it still stayed upright, it was feeling a bit wobbly, so I reinforced the base with some Carbon Rod. >_>; (like ya do... ) That's it there in the last picture. It's just hte stuff they make (quality) kite spars out of! It's not that weird!

Then I covered the entire thing in a couple layers of pantyhose to smooth things out, decided that wasn't enough, and covered the entire thing in a layer of batting (and stitched, of course. because i'm crazy like that).

[no pictures of these. coulda SWORN I had them...]

All this stuff adds up! My original pattern was sooo small by this point. I had to redraw it, then I cut it in half so I couls attempt to get around all the crazy curves.


I ended up machine sewing about half of the seams. that pic is the inside-out test before i clipped all the curves and trimmed everything all pretty. RIght now it's sitting with half my pins in the rest of the seams waiting for me to rent a couple good movies and have a hand-sewing party.

Davinci has no problem with this giant thing, naturally.