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So, apparently, it's just me this time around, and I'm making Kyubey from Madoka Magica. Late to the station, but whatever.


Summer was an aborted attempt at a paper mache dragon mask, plus a reminder that yes, I *DO* still have chronic pain and inflammation diseases thankyouverymuch.


My idea for a costume involves a trench coat lined with souldgems and contracts on the inside, and normal clothes underneath that (because i'm definitely not streaking, thanks). I got white jeans and a shirt from the thrift store, bought a white fedora off ebay, picked up this limited Arda wig that's just about perfect, and a pair of cheapo halloween hippie sunglasses with red lenses. I'd like a better pair, but... Ah well.

I looked into white trench coats, but even the cheap knockoffs on ebay were $60, and didn't look appropriately trench-coaty. All right, then, how about a regular trench coat? My local thrift stores were also empty of ANY trenches at all. Apparently white trench coats are not a thing, and trenches don't get donated in late summer/fall (when I was looking). However! Goodwill runs its own auction site, and with the whole of the USA to look through, I did find a coat I liked. Shipping was more than the coat itself, but still barely a third of a cheap new coat.

[no pictures of unpainted new coat. huh. thought I took one. Oh well.]

While I *could* have sewn myself a trenchcoat, good trenchcoat patterns were pretty much non-existent, and the cost of trenchcoat-like microfiber fabric would've put the thing above the price of a new coat. Plus I knew I'd go bonkers trying to put in all the topstitching and little details that make that kind of coat distinctive.

My bought coat is beige of course, and wonderfully trench-like (it was my "Castiel coat" for a little while ^_~). I splurged on a couple 8oz jars of Jacquard Opaque White Textile paint, a 2.5oz jar of red, and a couple 8oz jars of colorless textile extender.

first coat. A little thin.

Second coat makes a difference

Red of course, only needed one coat.

I probably ended up not saving any money this way, but at least I got a coat in the shape I wanted, in the color I wanted, without driving myself (*too*) crazy in the process.

(it's really stiff, though! ^_^;;;)

There have been good Kyubey costumes done without ears and ears and tail, but of course, I wanted them for my costume. Actually, there are also quite a few Kyubey costumes with ears and ears and tails, but the ones I saw when I looked didn't look very good to me. Fiberfill just kind of fails in very large plush. Stuffed correctly, it's HEAVY, expensive, and most often still lumpy. Stuffed incorrectly, and it looks like a deflated, drooping bag of lumps and sadness. What to use instead? the other common option is upholstery foam. Which is expensive (ugh), but (potentially) lighter than large amounts of fiberfill, and has the ability to hold itself upright. (also, there are a ton of fursuit tail tutorials using foam).


so, for the long ears: freehand paper pattern, cut out of 1-inch green foam, covered in fleece for the outside. I'd wanted to use some kind of seal fur or minky, but those are EXPENSIVE, i'd already spent for the foam, and I had some fleece remnants onhand. Blarg, fleece. At least it doesn't fray. -_-

Cutting foam is much more difficult than advertised! Even using my second/third-best fabric large scissors (which are better than my first-best paper scissors, even though the paper scissors are newer), it was still tough going. And this was just the 1-inch -- I bought 4-inch foam for the tail.

Also, foam chips are like giant, squishy pieces of glitter. They are EVERYWHERE. I clean them, and more appear. People come over, and leave with some of them clinging to their clothing, even though they weren't anywhere near where I was cutting. WHY DID NONE OF THE TUTORIALS WARN ME OF THIS??!? ;_;

Turns out, white fleece isn't particularly opaque, so when I put the forms in my outer coverings, It looked pastel mint. I grabbed some scrap muslin* and made cotton covers for them, then stuffed them inside the fleece covers. It was tight, but they fit.

[No pictures of these either, apparently. Probably because I sewed them closed at work. :/ ]

THEN I remembered that I used sharpie to mark the inner covers and blue would definitely run when I used my leftover Celestia sharpie dye to add the pink on the ends. X[ So out they came again.

Test strip, dried

wet, hanging to dry. So worried I oversaturated everything!


I ironed it to help it set, but then decided I didn't like that hard line at the top, so I rinsed and scrubbed at it with water, then left it to dry upside down (with the pink side on top, as opposed to the way in the picture). that seemed to work well enough.

[could've sworn I had pictures. oh well. ]

FOr the ears, I used scraps of the 1-inch foam, cut into triangles and sewn inside white and pink triangles. Most of that I did at work as well, so no pictures. I sewed them on a headband with nylon upholstery thread.

Davinci was fine with this, like he usually is with all my crazy crafting stuff (that doesn't involve loud noises like hammering frozen resin) right up to the point where I put hte ears on my head. Poor guy FREAKED OUT when he saw that. He fluffed up all big, hissed at me (for real, not just for grumpiness), and ran under my bed.

lookit those giant eyes. No trust.

He'd come back to me, see I had the ears, then run again. Eventually I got him calmed down. I have NO idea why these ears are so bad. heck, i even have other cat ears and things I've worn without problem.

but he just doesn't trust these.


I like the mask. Hope you can make it work.

Looks like things are coming together for your costume.

Davinci has good sense to hate the kyubey. Souless creature that it is.